Presentation of the CRG

Welcome to the Centrum voor Reproductieve Geneeskunde (CRG or Centre for Reproductive Medicine), the fertility clinic of UZ Brussel, the university hospital of the VUB (Free University of Brussels).

ART – what?

ART stands for Assisted Reproductive Treatment. This is the general term for the different fertility treatments: artificial insemination, IVF, IVF-ICSI, IVM, etc.

Our centre specialises in fertility treatments (ART). We have an international reputation as pioneers in the development of ART-techniques and their application. Since the CRG's creation in 1983, more than 23,000 babies have been born following fertility treatment of the parents.
As a university institution within the VUB network, the CRG also has an academic mission: our centre is also a training institute and acts as an engine for scientific research.

Our mission?

Every day we want to dedicate ourselves 100% to fulfil our threefold mission on a high quality level:
  • 100% dedication to protect and optimise the fertility of all our patients and thus help them produce a healthy child;
  • 100% dedication for independent and innovative studies about all aspects of human fertility. For this we invest in a global exchange of researchers in our field of expertise;
  • 100% ambition to increase the knowledge of all stakeholders – researchers, students, parents, children, etc. – as much as possible, by spreading our knowhow through education, training and communication.


The CRG chooses to communicate openly with its patients. Anyone who is treated at our centre receives information through different channels:

Information exchange is not only important in our communication to you.Correct internal information transfer is also crucial to the success of your treatment.  Our doctors, counsellors, nursing staff, lab technicians and administrative personnel are a close-knit and highly experienced team which communicates which each other in a structured way about your treatment.