Are you the study volunteer we are looking for?

Ben jij de studievrijwilligster die CRG zoekt?

What is it about?

The CRG is conducting research on the effect of Lipiodol® on the endometrium. We are looking for a number of study volunteers for this.
This study has been approved by the Medical ethics commission of UZ Brussel and VUB.

Are you the candidate we are looking for?

Yes, if you
  • are a young woman, between the age of 18 and 36,
  • do not smoke,
  • have a normal BMI,
  • do not use hormonal anticonception
    (or who is prepared to temporarily stop taking it).

What do we ask of you?

That you are prepared:
  • during two menstrual cycles and with a three-month interval
  • to go to the CRG In UZ Brussel, for
  • a number of blood samples,
  • an ultrasound,
  • a rinsing of your endometrium with Lipiodol®, and
  • a biopsy of your endometrium.

Where are you expected?

At the Centum voor Reproductieve Geneeskunde (CRG), UZ Brussel.
Children's hospital, entrance F, route 980, Laarbeeklaan 101, 1050 Brussels

Do you get anything in return?

A correct financial allowance is provided.

Do you want to be our study volunteer?

Then contact the CRG study team immediately.
Tel.: +32 2 477 66 48