Care programme for prospective parents with an infectious disease

The CRG of UZ Brussel has a worldwide reputation for its expertise in Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) and all related treatments.
In our work, patient care is key and over the years we have always paid a great deal of attention to improving – in terms of comfort and effectiveness – our treatments.

Based on this philosophy, we have developed an appropriate treatment plan (or care programme) for prospective parents with an infectious disease.
Whether you are a man or a woman who is infected, or perhaps you are both infected, it is possible to bring a healthy child into the world.

Care programme in case of syphilis

Syphilis is an infectious disease that is transmitted mainly by sexual contact. There is no vaccine.
If the disease is identified at an early stage, effective treatment with antibiotics is possible.

During pregnancy, the bacterium can be passed on to the foetus via the placenta. In thirty percent of cases, this does not present a problem for the foetus. In the other seventy percent, the foetus may be at greater risk for: skin defects, rhinitis, an enlarged liver, deafness, and eye, bone and tooth defects.

If syphilis is found in the blood test performed prior to a fertility treatment (in either the man or the woman), we will first treat the disease with antibiotics. By doing so we want to prevent the transmission of the disease to the baby in a future pregnancy.
For this reason, the fertility treatment will have to be postponed.