Practical issues concerning tests and procedures

All procedures and tests, for both men and women, performed at the CRG, come with practical issues.

The vaginal ultrasound

Good hygiene

The personnel treating you very much appreciate good hygiene.
A shower or wash before your consultation and clean feet make it more pleasant for everyone around.


An ultrasound scan is a painless procedure during which ultra high-frequency sound waves are bounced off internal organs to create a screen image of these organs.
During a vaginal ultrasound, a small ultrasound probe is inserted into the vagina. In contrast to an abdominal ultrasound, which involves the use of a probe on the abdomen, a full bladder is not necessary for this procedure.


CRG | Children's Hospital of UZ Brussel, Entrance F, level 2, route 982.


  • Ultrasound scans at the CRG are all by appointment with the DM.
    • Monday to Friday: mornings and evenings
    • Weekend and holidays: mornings.
  • After registering (see infra) go to the ultrasound waiting room at the agreed time.
    There you take a serial number.


  • Before you come to the ultrasound, you have to register.
    Depending on the time of your exam, this can be at the registration desk in the entrance hall of the Children's Hospital or at the desk in the central UZ Brussel entrance hall. See registration at UZ Brussel for more information and opening hours.
  • Belgian patients can also register at the kiosk.
  • Keep the registration form with you. 

Follow-up of the ultrasound as part of your ART treatment

  • After an ultrasound the Daily Patient's Monitoring department (DM) will contact you. They will inform you of the conclusions and give you further instructions.
  • If the ultrasound was performed in the evening, the DM will only be able to give you the information the following day, when we have the results of the blood analysis as well.