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Renovation works Brussels IVF nursing unit

To increase the comfort and privacy of its patients, Brussels IVF will renovate its nursing unit (VP03) from 31st March 2023 onwards.
The preparation for every intervention where an admission is needed (follicle puncture, surgery, ...) and follow-up care will temporarily be carried out in another nursing unit at UZ Brussel.

During your treatment, we guarantee the same quality of care but you might experience a reduced level of comfort due to the temporary location with limited space.
For the same reason, your partner or companion can not be present during your stay.

Practical information: registration and enrolment for your intervention
The registration procedure remains unchanged:

  • during the week: registration desk in the entrance hall of the Children's Hospital
  • during the weekend or on public holidays: registration desk at the main entrance

During the renovation works, the Brussels IVF enrolment desk on the first floor is located at counter 1 at the registration desk in the entrance hall of the Children's Hospital.

The end of the renovation works is scheduled for December 2023.
We will make every effort to minimise any inconvenience caused by the renovation activities and rely on your flexibility and understanding during this period.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

COVID-19 Information

Measures in UZ Brussel:

Additional measures are still in place to ensure your health and that of our staff as much as possible.

  • Wearing a surgical  mask is not mandatory in the hospital.
  • Wearing a mask is strongly recommended in case of cold symptoms.
  • Our healthcare staff  wears a surgical mask during medical interventions with close patient contact.

Testing policy:

  • Prior to a procedure (e.g. oocyte retrieval, surgery, ...), testing for COVID is not standard procedure.
  • Only when you present symptoms of a COVID19 infection on admission a rapid antigen test will be carried out.
    If this test is positive, a PCR test will be requested for confirmation.
    • A positive test does not result in the cancellation of your planned oocyte retrieval. Together with the treating doctor it will be assessed when an embryo transfer can be safely performed.
    • In the event of a positive test before a procedure under general anaesthesia, it will be assessed with the doctor and the anaesthesiologist whether the procedure can be safely performed.
    • When presenting symptoms of illness and a positive test for COVID19 before an embryo transfer, this is postponed in order to maximise the chances of a favourable outcome.

Vaccination against COVID-19:

  • If you wish to become pregnant, we recommend that you get vaccinated.
  • During your fertility treatment, it is possible to be vaccinated.
  • There is no waiting period between vaccination and the start of your treatment.

We recommend you (and your partner) to get vaccinated
before starting your fertility treatment or as soon as possible during your treatment. At no time does vaccination pose an additional risk to yourself, your (future) treatment or your pregnancy. Contracting COVID-19 during pregnancy on the other hand is proven to be risky, for mother and child. Vaccination can significantly protect you and your unborn child against serious COVID19-related pregnancy complications.

Consult the position statement of the Belgian Society for Reproductive Medicine.





 FAQ : renovation works VP03

Why renovate the Brussels VIF nursing unit?
The renovation will make your stay in our centre much more pleasant. We will improve your comfort with special attention to the intimacy of a fertility treatment.

Will I be able to continue my treatment?
Yes, all treatments will proceed. The renovation works will have no impact on waiting times and scheduling, nor on the quality of your treatment.

Is my partner allowed to be present at my appointment?
Your partner's presence remains unchanged. Only for interventions that require an admission (for the day), the partner cannot be present at the temporary nursing unit during the intervention. This measure is unfortunately necessary for logistical reasons. No exceptions can be granted.

During consultations, counselling and an embryo transfer, your partner will always be present.
During the renovation works, inseminations will take place in a room at the Brussels IVF operating theatre where your partner can be present as well.

Where will my procedure or oocyte retrieval take place?
All fertility treatments and procedures will as usual take place at Brussels IVF; in the rooms provided for these activities and with our trained staff. Only the preparation and aftercare (which normally take place in our nursing unit (VP03)) will be distributed among various nursing units in the hospital. However, you will be taken care of and monitored by the Brussels IVF team at this alternative location.

At which nursing unit do I present myself for admission before the intervention?
The Brussels IVF nursing unit (VP03) will not be accessible at its current location from 3 April until the end of 2023. The nursing unit, with Brussels IVF staff, is temporarily accommodated at another location at UZ Brussel. You will be given the exact information when you register at the registration desk.

Where do I register for an appointment? Which hospital entrance is the most efficient? ?
The registration procedure remains unchanged for all appointments:

  • during the week: registration desk at the children's hospital
  • during the weekend or on public holidays: registration desk at the main entrance

You register at the kiosk or registration desk and are given the appropriate information about your appointment and/or admission.
The Brussels IVF enrolment desk on the first floor is located at counter 1 of the registration desk in the entrance hall of the Children's Hospital during the renovation works.

I am the partner and have to give a sperm sample on the day of oocyte retrieval. What should I do?
This is still performed at the andrology lab of Brussels IVF (route 975). You follow the signage to get to the lab counter correctly.
Afterwards, you can wait in the visitors' cafeteria (route 899) or at the coffee corner (route 990) until when your partner is allowed to leave and can be picked up.

I am a partner/companion. Where can I go during the admission?
Due to logistical reasons, unfortunately you cannot wait in the nursing unit during the procedure as usual. You can instead use the visitors' cafeteria (route 899) or coffee corner (route 990) to wait until when the patient is allowed to leave and can be collected at the nursing unit of admission.

When can I leave after my oocyte retrieval?
After an oocyte retrieval under local anaesthetic, the patient is usually allowed to leave the hospital 2 hours after the procedure upon doctor's consent, if accompanied. You may then join your partner or companion at the entrance doors of the temporary nursing unit (route 370).