A number of clinical fellows and research fellows are also active at the CRG. They are fertility specialists who come to the CRG to specialise in the treatment of infertility, or research into infertility.

  • The history section provides summaries of the conferences and workshops organised here over the years.
  • Under ex-employees you find the names (and sometimes faces) of medics and paramedics who worked here during their training.

Training centre for the EAA

The CRG of UZ Brussel, together with other UZ Brussel departments is a certified training centre of the EAA, the European Academy for Andrology. This means that you can obtain an EAA certificate in andrology at the CRG.
Click education on the  EAAsite for more information.

To obtain an EAA certificate you need to work at a certified training centre for two years. This is possible at the CRG, but it is important to know that no funds have been earmarked for this training: candidates need to be financially independent.