Sperm donation and egg donation

Sometimes, as (a) prospective parent(s), you need the sperm or eggs of others in order to be able to fulfil your desire to have children. You will then be a candidate recipient.

Embryo donation

Donate supernumerary embryos?

As part of your treatment you can donate supernumerary (frozen) embryos to other prospective parents. If you decide to become an embryo donor at a later date, please let us know via the Contact centre.

Get in touch with the contact centre .
They will also be able to tell you everything about receiving donor eggs, sperm or embryos.

A couple's fertility problem may also be a combination of physical factors that affect both the man and the woman.
If standard IVF treatments (even using ICSI) fail or offer too small a chance of success, the transfer of a donor embryo may offer a solution. In this case, a 'foreign' embryo is transferred to a recipient woman's womb.

The embryo is donated by a couple who have had IVF fertility treatment and produced several embryos. In other words, they have more embryos than could be transferred and they have no need for the remaining ones.
In the contract that all IVF patients sign about the destination of any 'surplus' embryos, the donor couple decided that these embryos:
  • could be frozen and stored (for a possible next treatment), and
  • that they could be used for donation.