Le CRG compte aussi un certain nombre de clinical fellows et de research fellows. Il s’agit de spécialistes de la fertilité qui viennent se former au CRG dans le traitement de l’infécondité ou la recherche relative à celle-ci.

Dans la section Histoire, vous trouverez des souvenirs des congrès et des workshops qui ont été organisés ici au fil des années.

Sous ex-collaborateurs, vous retrouverez les noms (et parfois les visages) de médecins et paramédicaux qui ont travaillé ici pendant leur formation.

Reproductive Skills Centre Brussels

A training centre to improve ART skills

The Reproductive Skills Centre Brussels (RSCB) is a brand new ART training centre located at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine (CRG) – UZ Brussel (University Hospital Brussels). 

The training centre is fully equipped with highly specialised equipment to support hands-on training sessions in assisted reproductive technologies and surgical techniques.

The training centre consists of a training room for ART with two complete ICSI and vitrification set ups and a clinical training room with several simulators for reproductive surgery. 

A fully equipped conference and break room is also available for the participants.

Hands-on courses in a highly specialised setting 

The courses offered in the RSCB provide comprehensive training in the clinical and laboratory aspects and practices of assisted reproductive technologies and reproductive surgery. These courses will provide participants with the skills, experience and precision needed to perform these techniques. 

The courses are given by experienced clinicians and embryologists in both in-depth theoretical lectures and hands-on sessions under expert supervision. The RSCB is led by Prof. Dr. Herman Tournaye. Faculty include senior CRG staff members.

Participants will be able to practice on state of the art equipment and true-to-life simulators. All workshops include the following teaching methods:

  • Theoretical sessions/lectures
  • Teaching/demo videos
  • Q&A - Interactive discussion
  • Hands-on laboratory/clinical training sessions

Participants will have the opportunity to practice individually or in small groups and to observe clinical work on the chosen topics. Simultaneously sessions can be organised for clinical and laboratory staff.
All courses can be taught in English, French or Dutch.


The RSCB will be operational in the spring of 2018. The centre will be further expanded in the course of 2018. We strive to offer the following courses: 

Laboratory training modules

  • IVM (In Vitro Maturation) – available March 2018
    • 2-day course
    • Up to 8 participants (4 clinicians + 4 lab technicians)

  • Biopsy for PGD – available March 2018
    • 2-day course
    • Up to 2 participants

  • Vitrification – available March 2018
    • 1.5-day course
    • Up to 4 participants

  • Other laboratory training modules (available later in 2018 or upon request):
    • Basic embryology
    • ICSI
    • Laboratory design and start up
    • Quality management
    • Fertility preservation
    • On site auditing & troubleshooting

Clinical training modules

  • IVM (In Vitro Maturation) – available spring 2018
    • 2-day course

  • Other clinical training modules (available later in 2018):
    • Laparoscopy 
    • Hysteroscopy 
    • Microsurgery 
    • Oocyte Pick-up (OPU) 
    • Embryo Transfer (ET)

Who can enroll?

At the RSCB we welcome fertility specialists, gynecologists, embryologists and laboratory technicians who want to specialise in ART. Basic knowledge in ART is required and will be verified when registering.

Certificate & accreditation
Participants will receive a certificate of attendance and accreditation points. 


Course fees available on request. 

Register or contact us

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Do you need more information or do you want to get in touch? Contact our Project Officer: 

Mrs. Ulrike Dragon
+32 2 801 24 99