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The CRG makes various information brochures and documents available to its patients. You can find them here, in pdf-format.

General information and specific instructions

The start date of your treatment
How to get to the CRG 
At  the CRG  (ground plan, names and telephone numbers)
Instructions for a hystero foam salpingography (HyFoSy)
Instructions for a  hysteroscopy 
Instructions for delivering  a sperm sample in case of retrograde ejaculation
Pre-operative preparations (what to do before a surgical procedure?)
Instructions  prior to egg retrieval 
Instructions following egg retrieval 
Instructions following egg retrieval for Freeze All – trilingual
Instructions aprés following egg retrieval for donation or postponed use – trilingual
Instructions for a pharmalogical treatment of miscarriage
Instructions to prepare for a surgical treatment of miscarriage