A number of clinical fellows and research fellows are also active at the CRG. They are fertility specialists who come to the CRG to specialise in the treatment of infertility, or research into infertility.

  • The history section provides summaries of the conferences and workshops organised here over the years.
  • Under ex-employees you find the names (and sometimes faces) of medics and paramedics who worked here during their training.

Internships midwives

The CRG works closely with the midwifery department of Erasmus hogeschool Brussels.
Midwifery is an autonomous and specific training, which prepares students to become midwives. Once graduated, a 'bachelor in midwifery' is allowed to help with normal pregnancies and normal deliveries independently. On the other hand, in case of complications in the pre-natal process or (fertility) problems, specific diagnosis techniques and treatments are required, as well as information and guidance. At that moment the midwife becomes part of a multidisciplinary team. In view of the increased technicality and the increased specialisation, midwives are also expected to have greater expertise, skill and a scientific attitude. This is what Erasmus Hogeschool's three-year training cycle wants to provide, both on a theoretical level and based on practical skills training.
This is why all midwifery students complete internships at the CRG fertility clinic, both in the consultation department and the CRG nursing unit. Several graduated midwives of Erasmus Hogeschool end up working in the CRG team.