Limits to ART treatment

Age limits

Postpone motherhood?

If you can feel the clock ticking but you want to postpone motherhood, AGE banking may be a solution. This is also known as social freezing

For a woman the chances of getting pregnant depend largely on her age. This is why Belgian law provides an age limit for women who wish to undergo ART treatment.
  • For an oocyte retrieval the age limit is 46 years. This means that the intervention has to take place before your 46th birthday.
  • For an embryo transfer, the age limit is 48 years, i.e. till the day before your 48th birthday.
  • After your 48th birthday, you can no longer be treated in Belgium.

Under certain conditions the cost of the ART treatment of patients with Belgian health insurance is reimbursed (for a maximum of six cycles).
In that case the age limit for women is lower: 43 years. This means the egg retrieval should take place the day before your 43th birthday at the latest.

For a full overview of age limits, see the Summary table.