Limits to ART treatment

Permitted number of embryos IVF/ICSI

In IVF/ICSI the number of embryos that can be transferred per cycle is restricted by Belgian law.
The aim of this restriction to limit the number of multiple pregnancies as much as possible. This is because a multiple pregnancy implies an increased risk for mother and babies.
This limitation applies for all women having ART treatment in Belgium.
 IVF cycle
 with fresh embryos
  before your 36th birthday 
 from age 36 and
 before your 40th birthday  
 from age 40 and
 before your 48th birthday 
  1st cycle
  max. 1 embryo
  max. 1 embryo   not restricted by law
  2nd cycle
  max. 1 embryo (*)
  max. 2 embryos   not restricted by law
  from 3rd cycle onwards
  max. 2 embryos   max. 3 embryos   not restricted by law
 Transfer with thawed embryos 
 always maximum 2 embryos (**)
(*) Under certain criteria, the transfer of two embryos will be permitted - depending on the quality.
(**) (**) In case of FRET maximum two embryos can be transferred, regardless of your age or the number of cycles involved. The decision on one or two embryos is taken in accordance with the medical guidelines of the CRG.