Patient portal | Digital information about your treatment

For CRG patients

Click this button to access the patient Portal.

UZ Brussel has portals for the secure electronic exchange of data with its patients. Through the portal site of the CRG we want to inform you thoroughly during your treatment and give you medical instructions as efficiently as possible.

Instructions for medication

During your ART treatment, you will be in constant contact with the daily patient monitoring (DM). Normally this service will call you with instructions on how to administer your medication (type, dose, time,...).
The alternative to this telephone communication is the portal site: this way you can ask for your instructions when it suits you that day. We will send you a text message or e-mail as soon as a new message is ready.
But there is more!

Embryological information

The patient portal also offers embryological information to patients having IVF, ICSI or PGD treatment. Between egg retrieval and embryo transfer you receive information about the number of fertilised eggs, the quality of the embryos and the number of embryos that can be transferred.
This information is only available to people using the portal site.


  • Report it to your counsellor or to the desk clerk in the run-up to your treatment.
  • If you are already a patient, send an e-mail to, stating: patient portal / your name / date of birth.
  • You sign a consent form – which is accompanied by a small manual – to declare your agreement with the conditions for using the portal.