Patient portal | Digital information about your treatment

For CRG patients

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The UZ Brussel patient portal site is an electronic information exchange tool between the hospital and its patients. They aim is to enable secure electronic communication.
Through the CRG portal site we want to provide detailed information to patients during treatment and give medical instructions in the most efficient way possible.

Instructions for medication

An important aspect of an ART treatment is the contact with the Centre's Daily Patient Monitoring department (DM). This CRG department usually gives telephone instructions about the administration of medication (type, dose, time, etc.).
However, experience has shown us that it is not always easy for you to be available by telephone at the right time. Hence the alternative of the portal site: via this site you can look up the instructions whenever it suits you. We send you a text message or e-mail when a new message has been posted.
But there's more!

Embryological information

The patient portal also offers embryological information to patients having IVF, ICSI or PGD treatment. Between egg retrieval and embryo transfer you receive information about the number of fertilised eggs, the quality of the embryos and the number of embryos that can be transferred.
This information is only available to people using the portal site.


  • If you are interested in using the portal site -before you start treatment - notify your counsellor or the person at reception.
  • If you are already a patient but don't have access yet to the portal site, you can send a mail to, with specification of: patient portal / your name / date of birth.
  • A portal site information brochure is available and you need to sign a contract. By signing the contract you agree with the access conditions to the portal site.