Presentation of the CRG

Welcome to the Centrum voor Reproductieve Geneeskunde (CRG or Centre for Reproductive Medicine), the fertility clinic of UZ Brussel, the university hospital of the VUB (Free University of Brussels).

ART – what?

ART stands for Assisted Reproductive Treatment. This is the general term for the different fertility treatments: artificial insemination, IVF, IVF-ICSI, IVM, etc.

Our centre specialises in fertility treatments (ART). We have an international reputation as pioneers in the development of ART-techniques and their application. Since the CRG's creation in 1983, more than 23,000 babies have been born following fertility treatment of the parents.
As a university institution within the VUB network, the CRG also has an academic mission: our centre is also a training institute and acts as an engine for scientific research.

Our mission?

Every day we want to dedicate ourselves 100% to fulfil our threefold mission on a high quality level:
  • 100% dedication to protect and optimise the fertility of all our patients and thus help them produce a healthy child;
  • 100% dedication for independent and innovative studies about all aspects of human fertility. For this we invest in a global exchange of researchers in our field of expertise;
  • 100% ambition to increase the knowledge of all stakeholders – researchers, students, parents, children, etc. – as much as possible, by spreading our knowhow through education, training and communication.

Clinic and research

For years the CRG has been at the international top in its field of expertise in two areas:

as a fertility clinic
as a research centre

Fertility clinic with great care for patients     

The CRG offers its patients a broad care programme, ranging from assisted fertilisation to treatment of related reproductive problems:
  • hormone treatments and coitus timing
  • artificial insemination
  • IVF and IVF/ICSI
  • TESE and other operations for sperm extraction - for men with strongly reduced fertility
  • IVM (in-vitromaturation), i.e. harvesting of unripe eggs, maturation and fertilisation in the laboratory
  • IVF/ICSI care programme for prospective parents with a viral infection (HIV, hepatitis C)
  • IVF/ICSI care programme for couples with a hereditary defect (PGD, PGS)
  • reversal of sterilisation (men and women) 
  • miscarriage clinic - care programme for recurrent miscarriages
  • fertility treatments with donor material (donor sperm, donor eggs)
  • safeguarding the fertility of patients with a cancer diagnosis

Our medical practice is based on an accredited quality assurance system.
Our care programmes are always the result of follow-up studies of patients. (New) fertility programmes always are checked against their results in terms of:
  • effects on patients,
  • success rate,
  • progress of the pregnancy,
  • health of mother and baby.

Research centre - driven by science      

The activities of the CRG are supported by continuing scientific research.
Our researchers are part of the REGE research groups (Reproduction and Genetics) of the VUB.

Partly thanks to its scientific drive, our centre, since its creation, has played a pioneering role in the development and enhancement of reproductive techniques.
In 1991 our Centre played a decisive role in the development of ICSI, the revolutionary fertilisation technique whereby one sperm is injected into an egg. Thanks to ICSI (intracytoplasmatic sperm cell injection) prospective parents with a severe form of diminished male fertility are able to conceive a child.

But spectacular progress has also been made in other fields over the years. For instance:
  • genetic testing of embryos before they are returned to the womb 
  • the freezing of eggs, and
  • maturing unripe eggs in the lab (IVM) and then fertilising them.

Our scientific researchers are working very hard on techniques:
  • to safeguard the fertility of patients undergoing chemo and radiotherapy, treatments that are very detrimental for fertility; and
  • stem cell therapies and the development of stem cells.

If you are interested in current scientific studies at the VUB by the CRG, please click Research projects or download the brochure.