Practical issues concerning tests and procedures

All procedures and tests, for both men and women, performed at the CRG, come with practical issues.

Procedure in UZ Brussel for a procedure under general anaesthetic

ART is on an outpatient basis.

IVF or ICSI-treatment – and artificial insemination of course – do not require you to stay overnight, except when a procedure under general anaesthetic is required. Not only do you not have to stay in the hospital, you cannot.

Local anaesthetic
General anaesthetic
More information about hospitalisation

Some tests and most procedures are performed under local or general anaesthetic. In the latter case you may need to stay overnight.
For every examination and every intervention at UZ Brussel you must register. For opening hours and more information, see Registration at UZ Brussel.
  • Always bring your identity As a foreign patient, this is your passport.
  • For some procedures, a referral letter of your doctor is required.

Local anaesthetic     

There are two possibilities regarding procedures under local anaesthetic.

As an outpatient

  • Register at the Admissions department of the Children's hospital, Entrance F, route 990.
  • At the time of your appointment you go to the relevant department. 
  • You may go home straight afterwards.

As a day case admission

  • Register at the Admissions department of the Children's hospital, Entrance F, route 990.
  • Go to the Nursing Ward of the CRG, the VPE 03, route 972.
    There you will be prepared for the examination or procedure. 
  • You will be discharged the same day, after a period of rest in your room on VPE 03.

General anaesthetic     

Medical procedures performed under general anaesthetic follow a standard routine at UZ Brussel. Again, there are two possible ways to proceed:
  • either the procedure/examination is on an outpatient basis,
  • or you have to stay one or several nights (hospitalisation).

Medical preparations  

A general anaesthetic requires certain examinations in the two weeks preceding it. These are listed in the Preoperative Preparations instruction form.
  • Follow these instructions carefully, because if the exams have not been carried out, you cannot not be placed under general anaesthesia.
  • If you have had a preoperative exam performed externally, bring the result with you on the day of the operation.

Before the procedure   

Download the Preoperative preparations instruction form here.
  • Before you come to the operation, we ask you to remove any body hair around the area where you will be operated yourself. It is best to do this with a depilatory cream. 
    If you would not have done it yourself, it will of course have to be done during the preparation in the nursing unit.
  • You remove all jewellery, piercings and prostheses (e.g. dentures or hearing aids), and you omit lenses or glasses.
  • You may not have make-up on nor nail polish (or gel nails) on your hands or feet.

Day admission

  • You need only come to the hospital on the day of the procedure, at the agreed time.
  • You need to come on an empty stomach.
  • Register at the admissions desk of the Children's hospital, Entrance F, route 990.
  • Proceed to the nursing ward of the CRG, the VPE 03, route 972, where you will be prepared for the procedure.


  • Please register at the admissions desk in the main building of UZ Brussel, entrance A, route 151.
  • You are prepared for the procedure at a Nursing Ward of UZ Brussel.
  • Depending on what preparation is required, you are expected the evening before the procedure or the morning of the day of the procedure.

The procedure     

  • You will be given relaxing pre-med prescribed by the anaesthetist. 
  • You will be given a special surgical gown and an identification band with your name. You are then transported to the operating theatre, where a drip will be placed in your arm to sedate you.
  • And then it is time for the procedure. The time it takes depends on the type of procedure.

After the procedure

  • You will stay in a recovery room for a couple of hours, after which you are returned to your room at the VPE.
  • The anaesthetist decides when you can eat and drink and whether you're allowed to leave the hospital the same day. 
  • If the procedure requires an overnight stay at the hospital, this is usually the last day of your stay at UZ Brussel, although of course this depends on the extent of your surgery and your rate of recovery. 
  • You will receive appropriate medical care and visits either from the surgeon who performed the operation, or the ward doctors. If you're allowed to leave the hospital the same day, you are usually discharged from 2 p.m.

More information about hospitalisation     

UZ Brussel has both single and double rooms. If you specifically request a single room during your treatment, the hospital may charge additional costs for the doctor's fee. In this case the invoice for your treatment will be higher.

Calling from | to UZ Brussel     

Every hospital bed at UZ Brussel has a telephone.
To make a call: first press 0 and then the number.
To receive a call:
  • single room: + 32 2 4777 + room number
  • double room:
    • bed on the side of the hall: + 32 2 4777 + room number
    • bed against the window: + 32 2 4778 + room number.