The rules

What are your experiences with the CRG? How have you been since you had treatment with us? We would like to hear from you and help you to share your message with other CRG patients. But please first take the time to go over the following conditions.

  1. If you post your response, you also agree to us putting it online.
  2. If you attach a photo, that also means that you agree to it being published.
  3. This page is intended as a place to exchange information between people in a similar situation and with the CRG as a ‘community’. If you have a message and you want to have a personal reply (a complaint, a question, a request), then please let us know in an e-mail or by phoning us (see contact).
  4. As a contributor you are yourself responsible for the accuracy of the text and for whether the photo can be used. Remember that you cannot simply take a photo from the internet and use it as if it were yours (there may be copyright attached to it).
  5. The CRG reserves the right to shorten or not to publish a contribution or not to use a photo. We do not have to give a reason.
  6. We undertake to use your response and any photo that may have been sent as well only in the context of the “Patients’ experiences” page. If we would like to use them somewhere other than on this page, we will ask your permission. If you do not want to give it, you do not have to give a reason.
  7. The handling of your personal data that we obtain from this form comes under the same privacy rules as those we are committed to for the whole website.
  8. However, the CRG (UZ Brussel) cannot be held responsible for any improper use that third parties could make of the published data and photos.