Our research and training

Scientific research

Clinical and fundamental research are crucial for the progress of medicine. The research carried out at the CRG together with its partners broadens and deepens our expertise in the field of fertility. And this is necessary to offer out patients the best possible care.

However, due to cost cutting policies, government funding of research is under pressure. This is why the CRG and UZ Brussel are always looking for alternative forms of funding. Both companies and private persons are contacted.

We hope that you, a patient or colleague of the CRG, care to support our research efforts. You can do this – tax friendly and online - via our patronage programme Friend for new life.

The Centre for Reproductive Medicine (CRG) of the University Hospital Brussels (UZ Brussel) carries out scientific research in a number of research areas in reproductive medicine. It concerns both clinical and clinical-translational research. It is carried at out the CRG itself, but also at the research laboratories of the Faculty of medicine of the Free University of Brussels (VUB) at the Brussels Health Campus in Jette.

CRG's clinical studies are mostly in the field of:
  • reproductive surgery,
  • reproductive andrology,
  • reproductive endocrinology,
  • oncofertility,
  • reproductive genetics, and
  • reproductive immunology.
In all these fields, doctors of the CRG work closely with the researchers of either the CRG itself, or a research group of the faculty of medicine.

The research at the faculty itself falls under the cluster of 'Reproductive Genetics and Regenerative Medicine' (REGE). This comprises seven research groups (*), four of which are connected to the CRG:
  • BITE: Biology of the Testes
  • FOBI: Follicle biology
  • REGE: Reproduction and Genetics
  • REIM: Reproduction and Implantation/Immunology
(*) Research groups at the VUB are given a four letter acronym.

In 2014, as many as 33 doctoral student were active at the CRG or in the research groups. Over the past ten years, the CRG and associated research groups published between 50 to 70 scientific publications every year (see scientific publications).

The current research projects at the UZ Brussel and the VUB comprise all fields of reproductive medicine. The research groups have a more specific focus.