Sperm donation and egg donation

Sometimes, as (a) prospective parent(s), you need the sperm or eggs of others in order to be able to fulfil your desire to have children. You will then be a candidate recipient.

Sperm donation

The recruitment of donors
Anonymous or named?

 Donor sperm may offer a solution for the following prospective parents.
  • Couples where but the man produces no or too few (motile) sperm for natural fertilisation or use in an ART treatment with his own sperm.
  • Couples where both partners are carriers of the same genetic defect.
    In some cases, the use of donor sperm may avoid the risk of transmitting the defect to the child.
  • For single women who want children. 
  • For lesbian couples who want children.

Artificial insemination

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The recruitment of donors 

For more information on the procedure for a sperm donation please go to www.spermadonor.be/how.
  • There are two important requirements for a sperm donor.
    • He must beaged between 18 and 44.
    • He has to be healthy. To verify the latter, a number of tests are carried out prior to donation.
  • If you are accepted as a donor:
    • you are expected to refrain from ejaculating for a number of days prior to the donation, and 
    • to travel to the location where you will produce or deliver the sperm sample.
  • The number of times you may donate sperm is limited.
    Legally, your sperm can produce (one or more) children in maximum six different families. This is to limit the risk of consanguinity, i.e. the risk that children of the same parents have children together.

Anonymous or named? 

  • Sperm donation is usually anonymous, via the sperm bank. 
    • Your request for donor sperm is included in the treatment plan of your ART cycle. You will go on a waiting list. 
    • As soon as the donor sperm is available, you can start your ART treatment. 
    • If you have a child through sperm donation, you can reserve the same donor sperm for a next ART cycle, if still available.
      At the time of the reservation, a fee needs to be paid.
  • Named sperm donation is legally permitted. In this case, the recipient presents a donor.
  • The advantage is that you don't have to wait, except for the duration of the donor' tests. Because a named donor also has to follow the whole procedure of course.
  • However, it is useful to consider the drawbacks of named donation.
    This is why named donation always involves a consultation with the psychologist for both recipient(s) and donor. The psychologist's advice is binding.