SR - Study volunteers wanted

studievrijwilligsters gezocht

If you are a young woman between 18 and 37, maybe you can help us.

The Centre for Reproductive Medicine (CRG) is looking for candidates for volunteer egg donation to undergo an egg pick-up as part of a study to make the in-vitro maturation (IVM) of eggs more efficient.


IVM stands for the collection of immature eggs and maturing them in the laboratory.
The technique can be used in the treatment of couples who want children but the woman has been diagnosed with PCO or polycystic ovaries. IVM means women don’t need (or only light) ovarian stimulation prior to egg pick-up.
IVM is also used to safeguard the fertility of girls and women with cancer before they start their cancer therapy.
IVM is an innovative and promising technique but still needs the necessary research.

What and where?

If you want to be a candidate, you are first screened based on a blood test and an ultrasound of the ovaries.
If you come into consideration for the study based on this screening, you have to undergo an egg pick-up procedure at the operating theatre of the CRG. The harvested eggs will be used for the research.

What do you get out of it?

An AMH-test (blood analysis) indicates your ovarian reserve and provides useful information about your fertility.
You will also be compensated.

More information?

Contact the CRG study nurse: +32 (0)2 477 66 48

This study has approved by the Medical ethics commission of UZ Brussel and VUB.