Practical issues concerning tests and procedures

All procedures and tests, for both men and women, performed at the CRG, come with practical issues.

Sperm sample

A sperm sample may be required for the following reasons:
  1. for analysis of the sperm as part of the medical screening in preparation for your ART treatment
  2. for artificial insemination
  3. for an IVF-ICSI-treatment
  4. for donation


  • I In case of 1, 2 or 4 you follow route 975 to the
    CRG's andrology laboratory, Children's hospital of UZ Brussel, entrance F.
  • For an IVF-ICSI treatment (3) you take route 972 to the CRG Nursing Unit (the VPE 03), Children's hospital of UZ Brussel, entrance F. 
  • In exceptional circumstances, the sample may also be produced at home. If that is the case:
    • you have to keep it at body temperature, and 
    • deliver it to the VPE 03 or the andrology lab within the hour.
    Take care to make an appointment for the delivery in advance.


Before you come to the lab or the VPE03, you have to register downstairs. Depending on your time of arrival, this will be at the registration desk in the entrance hall of the Children's Hospital (entrance F) or in the central entrance hall of UZ Brussel (entrance A).
See Registration at UZ Brussel for more information and opening hours.

Sperm donation
also in the weekend!

Sperm donors are also welcome at the CRG in the weekend.
Candidates who have passed the medical screening tests and whose sperm quality is suitable for donation are able to make an appointment to deliver their sample in the weekend.
Same place as always:
CRG Andrology lab, UZ Brussel's Child hospital, entrance F, route 975.
Don't forget to register in advance.


  • In case of 1 and 4
    The andrology lab is open every working day from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. without closing.
    You make an appointment and come to the desk at the agreed time.
  • In case of 2 and 3
    The production of your sperm sample as part of artificial insemination or IVF-ICSI is of course timed to your partner's treatment. The DM will give you an appointment for this (together).

A fresh sperm sample is produced by masturbation.
  • At the desk of the andrology lab we will provide you with a sterile container to catch the ejaculate. This container is also available from a pharmacy.
  • You are taken to a quiet and discrete room with a bed, wash basin and toilet, where you can produce the sample. Your partner can be with you, if you want.
  • Good hygiene is crucial for a good sample: therefore wash your genitals and your hands before with water and soap.
  • It is also important you catch the whole of the ejaculate. If that is not the case, you must inform us. Because it may affect the result of the lab analysis or your treatment.