Your ART treatment at UZBrussel CRG in practice

You will be a patient at UZ Brussel

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For the administrative aspect specifically related to your ART treatment, see administrative and financial.

Identity card or passport
Medical record

Identity card or passport      

  • As a patient of the CRG you are automatically a patient of UZ Brussel. To do so, you must first register.
    • As a Belgian patient, you have to bring your identity card with you.
    • Foreign patients identify themselves with their passport and a valid proof of residence.
  • On your first visit to the hospital, we will open a patient file for you, in which we will enter your identity details.
    Mind you! If you change your address during your treatment, you must report this at your next registration.
  • Registration is a fixed rule: with each visit, you first report to a registration desk, provided with your identity documents.
    You register depending on when you arrive.
    • At the registration desk of the Children's Hospital
      UZ Brussel, entrance F, route 990
      Open: Monday - Friday 6:45 am - 6 pm.
      Closed: weekend and holidays
    • At the general registration desk of UZ Brussel
      UZ Brussel, entrance A, route 151
      Monday - Friday after 6 pm.
      Weekends and holidays: from 7 am.

Registration at a kiosk in the entrance hall

Are you already registered as a Belgian patient at UZ Brussel? If so, you can sometimes register yourself with your electronic identity card at a kiosk in the entrance hall.
This applies, for example, if you have an appointment for a consultation, an ultrasound scan or a blood sample.
Mind you!
  • For interventions, you must always register at a desk, even if you have an appointment.
  • Blood samples during an MBV-treatment are usually taken without an appointment. So in that case, you go to the registration desk first.

Medical record    

In Belgium, every hospital is required by law to make a personal record for every patient.
  • The creation and storage of medical records and personal information is in accordance with the Belgian protection of privacy Act of 8 December 1992.
  • The medical record is strictly confidential. All hospital employees are bound to medical professional secrecy; in principle personal medical details may never be disclosed to third parties. 
  • A medical report is drawn up of every treatment you receive at the CRG and added to your record. We act in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 22 August 2002 on patient rights.
  • A copy of every report is sent to your doctor(s) outside the centre (GP, gynaecologist). At your first visit, you will be asked to provide the name and address of the doctor(s) in writing. After treatment, it will take a few weeks for the medical report to reach your doctor(s).