Your ART treatment at the CRG in practice

CRG stands for patient centered care: care for (the comfort of) the patient.
This is why we created a quality framework, with well-defined procedures that jointly determine the success of our treatments. Because although Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) is primarily a (specialised) medical treatment, the chances of success not only depend on our medical expertise. A good organisation, alert communication and qualitative support are also crucial success factors. And yes, even the administrative framework of your treatment is part of this.

You will be a patient at UZ Brussel

ART administrative | financial

For the administrative aspect specifically related to your ART treatment, see administrative and financial.

Identity card or passport | SIS card
Medical record

Anyone who comes to the Centre for Reproductive Medicine (CRG) for medically assisted fertilisation becomes a patient of the University Hospital Brussels (UZ Brussel).
The information below is relevant for patients at UZ Brussel. Only the section concerning the SIS card is not relevant to overseas patients.

Identity card or passport | SIS card       

On your first visit to the CRG you need to register as a patient at UZ Brussel.
  • You report to the Admissions desk in the entrance hall of the Child hospital UZ Brussel, entrance F, route 990. 
  • Belgian patients must present their identity card and SIS card (social security card), overseas patients must present their passport.
    The necessary identity details on your identity card or passport are entered into your record.

The SIS card guarantees Belgian patients the reimbursement of medical costs through their health insurance; that is why it is important that you have your card scanned regularly during your treatment:
  • preferably at the first blood test at the start of ovarian stimulation, and
  • with every consultation with the doctor or counselling with a nurse/midwife.

In the entrance hall of the Child hospital is a kiosk where you can register during your treatment to avoid queues at the Admissions desk(s). This is only possible if you already registered before at the hospital, i.e. not at your first appointment.

Medical record    

In Belgium, every hospital is required by law to make a personal record for every patient.
  • The creation and storage of medical records and personal information is in accordance with the Belgian protection of privacy Act of 8 December 1992.
  • The medical record is strictly confidential. All hospital employees are bound to medical professional secrecy; in principle personal medical details may never be disclosed to third parties. 
  • A medical report is drawn up of every treatment you receive at the CRG and added to your record. We act in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 22 August 2002 on patient rights.
  • A copy of every report is sent to your doctor(s) outside the centre (GP, gynaecologist). At your first visit, you will be asked to provide the name and address of the doctor(s) in writing. After treatment, it will take a few weeks for the medical report to reach your doctor(s).

If the details of your GP change during the course of your treatment, don't forget to inform us of these changes in writing.
This also applies to changes in your personal situation (moving house, separation, spontaneous pregnancy, etc.). We like to be informed right away.