Discover our mobile application: the Robin app

Brussels IVF has developed a mobile app to provide patients with guidance via a user-friendly informative application on their smartphone during their treatment at Brussels IVF.

Our Robin app supports you during your fertility treatment.

In the app, you’ll have access to your treatment plan, your medication instructions and your appointments at Brussels IVF.

All information and notifications in the app were designed with attention to optimal discretion, security of your data and patient privacy.

The application will soon enter its final testing phase to be further rolled out within Brussels IVF.

Our Robin mobile app

The app can be freely downloaded (soon) from the play store (android) or app store (iPhone). Once downloaded, it provides access to our centre’s contact details and general information articles on fertility, childbearing and medically assisted reproduction.

Only when you engage in an active treatment, will the app be linked to your patient file.

During the counselling session with a Brussels IVF midwife, you can specify your communication preferences. If you choose to receive further info and instructions via our Robin mobile application, the counsellor will register your account to link your patient file to the app.

Full access to the app can only be activated on one device.

Guidance from start till trigger

At its first release, the mobile application will be able to provide active guidance from the time of your first blood sample at the start of treatment to the administration of the trigger medication to induce ovulation.

You can also use the app to contact us and ask (non-urgent) questions, or to consult your booked appointments.

Our team of the Daily Monitoring (DM) will no longer phone you to give instructions during your treatment but will offer them via a notification in the Robin app.
When something changes in your treatment, you will also receive a notification on the home screen of your phone. Whenever you receive a notification, you’ll have to confirm to us whether the instructions you received, are clear.

If you have questions about the notification or the received instructions, you can indicate this to us in the app. In that case, the DM will contact you by phone for additional explanation.

You can also set an extra notification, at a time of your choice, to help remind you of your prescribed medication.

By adopting this digital approach, we want to organise the follow-up and instructions during treatment in a more patient-friendly way. Because you can consult the information when it is most convenient for you and review it, if of when necessary.

The future

We are continuing to invest in our digital accessibility and information through our smartphone application. In the next phase of the app, we want to expand support across the entire treatment; up to the oocyte retrieval and embryo transfer.

In time, we also want to make it possible to book an appointment in our centre via the Robin application.


Do you have any questions about how the application works? Contact us at