Application forms, information leaflets and brochures

Brussels IVF provides various information brochures and documents. You can find them here, in pdf format.

Instructions – prior to an oocyte retrieval

What you need to know before your oocyte retrieval at Brussels IVF.
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Administrative list – PGT

This document must be completed if you opt for a fertility pathway with genetic testing to prevent an hereditary condition.…
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Instructions – finding your way in Brussels IVF

Navigating to and within Brussels IVF and useful contact details at UZ Brussel.
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Questionnaire – Application Co-Parenthood

This questionnaire is under construction. Please contact the Brussels IVF Contact Centre (+32 2 477 66 99) for more info…
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Questionnaire – Application Surrogacy

Prospective parents wishing to initiate a treatment through surrogacy should complete the attached questionnaire to complete their application. May we…
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Brochure – Supplement Scientific Research

To make medical progress, continuous scientific research is needed. However, such research is not possible without the contribution of patients…
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Instructions – date to start stimulation medication

The medication plan of your treatment refers to an important date: the day on which you can start with the…
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Brochure – What can you do yourself?

Our way of life has an impact on our general state of health and therefore also on our fertility. But…
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Questionnaire – Application Single Motherhood

Do you wish to start fertility treatment as a single woman? If so, please complete this questionnaire in full. You…
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Questionnaire – Woman

Before you can start fertility treatment, we carry out thorough preliminary screenings. That is why we ask you to complete…
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Questionnaire – Man

Before you start fertility treatment, we carry out thorough preliminary examinations. We therefore ask you to complete this questionnaire in…
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Renovation works Brussels IVF

To increase the comfort and privacy of its patients, Brussels IVF is renovating its nursing unit (VP03). The end of the renovation works is scheduled mid-March 2024.
The preparation for every intervention where an admission is needed (follicle puncture, surgery, …) and follow-up care will temporarily be carried out in another nursing unit at UZ Brussel.

During your treatment, we guarantee the same quality of care but you might experience a reduced level of comfort due to the temporary location with limited space.
For the same reason, your partner or companion can not be present during your stay.

Consult the practical guidelinesand the FAQ on the renovation works.