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Electronic IVF Witness identification system

Reliability and safety are top priorities. Both fertilisation in the laboratory and subsequent embryo transfer are carried out using conclusive identification procedures. Moreover, Brussels IVF has an automated registration system that identifies patients and trays of sperm, ova and embryos during the IVF/ICSI process. When you start treatment, we create a personal identification card for you and link it to a unique electronic reference. This reference is attached via labels with a microchip to all dishes and test tubes used to preserve your sperm cells, oocytes and embryos. At the time of egg retrieval, the electronic system ensures that your oocytes are collected in the correct culture dishes. In the laboratory, those dishes are automatically recognised and matched with the sperm of your partner or donor. Fertilisation can then take place. When you return for the transfer of (an) embryo(s), the system automatically ensures that it is your fertilised embryos that are used for this purpose. With this, Brussels IVF takes all precautions to carefully monitor your sperm, oocytes and embryos throughout the treatment process.