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In what case can I have a sickness medical certificate and for how many days will I get?

The allocation of sick leave is always done in consultation with the doctor. In general, following directives apply:
• Oocyte retrieval (OPU): 3 days (day of the punction and 2 following days)
• Embryo transfer (ET-FET): 1 day, the day of transfer
• Testicular biopsy (TESE): 1 week
• Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA): 1 day
• Electro-ejaculation (EEJ): 1 day, the day of the procedure
• Vasectomy: 2 days if no physical demanding work – otherwise 3 days
• Re-anastomosis: 1 week with prohibition of heavy physical effort and lifting for 2 weeks
• Curettage: 1 week
• Diagnostic laparoscopy: 1 week with prohibition for lifting for 2 weeks
• Diagnostic hysteroscopy: 1 day
• Therapeutic laparoscopy: 2 weeks depending on the pathology/observations
• Therapeutic hysteroscopy: 2-3 days depending on the pathology/observations