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Start date

With IVF/ICSI treatment comes an important date: the start date. This is the day you are allowed to start the stimulation treatment, although a slight variation around this date is allowed. As long as it has not been fixed, your treatment is not included in the (logistical) planning of Brussels IVF and cannot start. At our centre, we would like to be able to guarantee the best quality for every IVF/ICSI treatment. This is why we take great care not only in the counselling of our patients but also in the actual in vitro fertilisation: the laboratory work. Quality standards and control procedures must ensure that the lab result is optimal. But quality takes time. The number of operations the embryologists, nurses and medics involved can perform is therefore limited per day. It is therefore necessary to set up a strict schedule based on the start date of the stimulation course. From that date, all subsequent steps of the treatment flow. If the IVF/ICSI treatment you are undergoing is the first, the start date is set in the conversation with the counsellor and filled in on the treatment schedule you are given. If the treatment was unsuccessful and you wish to make another attempt, a new start date will be determined in consultation with the fertility doctor and counsellor. For medical and organisational reasons, it will often not be possible to start immediately the next menstrual cycle.

In all cases where the start date has not yet been fixed definitively during the Brussels IVF consultation or has to be changed for one reason or another, we ask you to contact the planning officer for a concrete date. The longer in advance you do this, the more chance you have of starting treatment at the time you want.

Contact planning manager start treatment: 02 477 66 19 or