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What do I need to do to avoid Toxoplasmosis?

Toxoplasmosis is an infection that you can only experience once. The bacteria spreads through cats, which is why it is also called cat disease. Most people who go through toxoplasmosis do not notice it and, at most, feel a little flu-like. If you have already had the infection, you are protected for life. At the start of fertility treatment or pregnancy, a blood draw will check for antibodies in your body. If you are not protected, prevention is the only measure because there is no vaccinee against toxoplasmosis. Infection during your pregnancy can be dangerous because your baby can also become infected and cause complications.

Our advice:

– Do not eat raw or half-done meat. Well-done and steamed meat are safe;
– wash your hands and nails thoroughly after contact with raw meat. Also clean the kitchen sink and utensils after handling them;
– wash fresh fruit and vegetables thoroughly and peel them if necessary;
– wear gloves when working in the garden;
– have the litter box cleaned daily by someone else;
– avoid sandboxes that cats can also access.