The most frequently asked questions answered by our experts

During fertility treatment, you may be faced with several new terms and a lot of questions. When you take that first step to go to a fertility centre, you will also be faced with a lot of new information. We compiled some frequently asked questions for you on this page.

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The IVF medication desk is closed and I urgently need medication. What should I do?

In this case you should contact the Brussels IVF as soon as possible to find an appropriate solution.
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I did not receive a medical certificate for absence to work after my procedure. Can this be sent via the app?

Yes this is possible, you need to request it via the chat function. Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for us to provide you with the certificate...
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When will I have my embryo transfer?

The day of embryo transfer will be communicated during the oocyte retrieval. The transfer of a frozen embryo depends on your treatment and will be communicated via Daily Monitoring.
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I have a congested nose, is this a problem?

There is no need to worry if you suffer from a cold or similar symptom. This has no effect on (the chance of) a pregnancy succeeding. Note that you should...
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I need to do a blood sample, but I don’t have a request form. How can I get this form?

With the function Messages on the App you can ask for a request form. Once you received it digitally you can print it.
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Exercise/ sports

Some sports can have an effect on ovulation or sperm quality. Deep-sea diving, for example, can lead to a drastic decline in sperm quality. For women, exessive exercise can result...
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How can it be verified that I am immune to CMV?

A blood test can determine whether you have had a CMV (Cytomegalovirus) infection in the past. However, you are never immune to CMV, a re-activation can occur, although these are...
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Can my partner deliver his semen sample in other hospital?

If your partner has to deliver a semen sample as a preliminary test, he can do this in another hospital. You will have to arrange the appointment by yourself. During...
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Which criteria are taken into account in the selection of an anonymous donor sperm?

When using anonymous donor sperm, we always ensure the donor is as similar to you as possible regarding the external characteristics (skin, hair, and eye color), weight, length and blood...
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Do I need to make an appointment for the first blood sample to start my treatment?

Yes, you always need to make an appointment for a blood sample. You also need to register at the registration desk. Opening hours: Weekdays: from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm...
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Renovation works Brussels IVF

To increase the comfort and privacy of its patients, Brussels IVF is renovating its nursing unit (VP03). The end of the renovation works is scheduled mid-March 2024.
The preparation for every intervention where an admission is needed (follicle puncture, surgery, …) and follow-up care will temporarily be carried out in another nursing unit at UZ Brussel.

During your treatment, we guarantee the same quality of care but you might experience a reduced level of comfort due to the temporary location with limited space.
For the same reason, your partner or companion can not be present during your stay.

Consult the practical guidelinesand the FAQ on the renovation works.