Preparing for a possible pregnancy and results of your treatment

After the transfer of the embryo into the uterus, a difficult period follows. For about two weeks, you will have to wait for the result of the treatment. You may be pregnant but you may also experience blood loss due to the start of a new menstrual cycle

Meanwhile, the implantation of the embryo may be supported by taking progesterone, for example. This is because that hormone stimulates the development of the endometrium. This will be decided by the doctor based on your treatment plan and the hormones mesured in you blood sample.

Anticipation of the result

About two weeks after the embryo transfer, it can be determined whether you are pregnant.

On about day 12 after embryo transfer, a blood analysis is scheduled:

  • We measure your hCG level. Based on this, we can then also tell you whether there is an early pregnancy or not.
    We also check the progesterone levels.

Even if you experience the start of your menstruation during these two weeks, a blood test is still required to confirm.

If you are not pregnant, a consultation with the doctor will be scheduled to discuss the continuation of your treatment and to adjust the course of treatment if necessary.

Follow-up of your pregnancy

If treatment is successful, Brussels IVF will follow up your pregnancy until about 7 weeks of pregnancy (5 weeks after embryo transfer) as your pregnancy progresses. Afterwards, your own gynaecologist or GP will monitor your pregnancy.

Follow-up studies at UZ Brussel

Obviously, we will enquire about the evolution of your pregnancy and even keep in touch until after your baby is born.
You will receive a questionnaire from us (sent by shortly after the anticipated delivery date.
This survey is motivated by a personal commitment: we are interested to know whether the treatment was successful and how you are doing. At the same time, it is also part of our ongoing scientific research into pregnancies and children born from fertility treatment.
Moreover, we are also legally required to collect statistical data on (the health of) our patients and children born after ART treatment. Your file can therefore be consulted for up to 2 years after your treatment.

In addition, we also want to know how satisfied you are about our service. We strive to continually improve our services through regular satisfaction surveys (via
Our quality assurance manager also organises additional focus groups with (former) patients for more detailed information about the survey results. We therefore thank you for completing these questionnaires which are used to further optimise our services and the care provided to prospective parents.