Transport of embyos

During the course of treatment, you may seek advice from different experts and at different centres. Embryos and reproductive cells can only be transported upon explicit request and under specific conditions.

Can I have embryos transferred from another centre?

If you have had reproductive bodily material banked during your treatment, it may be necessary for medical reasons to have it transferred to another centre, or vice versa, from another centre to Brussels IVF.

Such transport can only be done by a professional firm. Brussels IVF has cooperation contracts with approved transport companies for this purpose.

These comply with complex regulations on various levels (EU, international transport agreements, laboratory requirements, etc.), and meet the predefined quality standards to ensure the quality of your genetic tissue.


Please note that there are costs associated with the transportation of genetic material, which are borne entirely by you. Please enquire about all the conditions and deadlines by e-mail to

You cannot store your cryopreserved genetic material yourself at home or transport it yourself.