Consult different treatments within Brussels IVF

Surgical interventions

There may be a problem present in the body that prevents an (ongoing) pregnancy. Surgery may be recommended

Artificial insemination (IUI)

Artificial insemination with sperm from partner or donor


Assisted fertilisation in the lab


Assisted reproductive technologies usually involve some form of ovarian stimulation


Cryopreservation of gametes, embryos, or tissue

Ovulation induction

We monitor your menstrual cycle and ovulation to optimise your fertile period

Timed intercourse

We monitor your menstrual cycle to optimise your chances of pregnancy during sexual intercourse

Embryo testing

Embryos obtained after fertilisation in the lab are first examined for the hereditary genetic disorder, before being transferred into the womb

Donor material

Your treatment with donor sperm and/or donor eggs

In Vitro Maturation (IVM)

Oocyte maturation and assisted fertilisation in the lab

Next-level IVF – care pathway

A step up in your ART-treatment. The next level in IVF healthcare


Our clinical care pathway for high-technological, altruistic surrogacy

Growing your family when diagnosed with a (viral) infection

Infectious diseases and maximising your chances of a having a healthy baby


A multidisciplinary care pathway at UZ Brussel for women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Counselling on a variety of health matters

Renovation works Brussels IVF

To increase the comfort and privacy of its patients, Brussels IVF is renovating its nursing unit (VP03). The end of the renovation works is scheduled mid-March 2024.
The preparation for every intervention where an admission is needed (follicle puncture, surgery, …) and follow-up care will temporarily be carried out in another nursing unit at UZ Brussel.

During your treatment, we guarantee the same quality of care but you might experience a reduced level of comfort due to the temporary location with limited space.
For the same reason, your partner or companion can not be present during your stay.

Consult the practical guidelinesand the FAQ on the renovation works.