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Brochure – What can you do yourself?

Our way of life has an impact on our general state of health and therefore also on our fertility. But can certain external factors be shown to have a particular (positive or negative) effect on the success rate of fertility treatment?
Want more health advice there? Download the brochure “What can you do yourself?”.

In it, you will also get information on what you can do to positively influence the health of your future baby. An important preventive action in this context is the intake of folic acid. It is best to start taking it as soon as you plan to become pregnant.


UPDATE 05/01/2024: Renovation works Brussels IVF

To increase the comfort and privacy of its patients, Brussels IVF is renovating its nursing unit (VP03) and the reception desk area at our Andrology Lab.

As part of these renovation works, from 8 January 2024, the reception desk of our Andrology Laboratory and its associated rooms to collect a sperm sample, will be temporarily located on the second floor of Brussels IVF (via route 980).

During your treatment, we guarantee the same quality of care but you might experience a reduced level of comfort due to the temporary location with limited space.
We will make every effort to minimise any inconvenience.

Consult the practical guidelines and the FAQ on the renovation works.